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I've been really excited about Evernote lately and told all my friends and enemies about it. I moved all of my passwords to an encrypted note since it has been fantastic to have all in one place.

BUT, yesterday my computer (MacBook) would not let me close the Evernote application so I had to force shut down the machine. Now when I open Evernote everything is still OK EXCEPT my password note. When I decrypt it contains only these two characters: "¨ ".

Is there ANYTHING you can do to revert to yesterday's version of my Evernote database?

-- Desperado

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Was this note synchronized to the service? If so, the local file corruption may not have affected the note on the service.

In theory, if you have a backup of your home directory in Time Machine or some other backup, it may be possible to turn off synchronization, quit Evernote, restore the database directory to an older state, and then launch Evernote to get access to the old local files. Then you can Export the relevant note and bring yourself back up to date before Importing.

If you want to try that, I'd recommend opening a Support ticket so we can walk you through it by clicking on the link at the bottom of:


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