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(Archived) Files Missing on iPad after updating to IOS7


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I just upgraded my ipad to IOS7, and when I opened Evernote, i only found September's notes.  How can I retrieve all the rest of my notes?  I tried to sync it so it might retrieve them from my desktop, but can't find the Sync button in the new Evernote.  I thought about syncing from my desktop, but I'm worried that I will lose all of what I have there.  Please help.

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Me too! It's taking me a while to find everything, so it's possible some concealed button somewhere will access the rest of my documents, but I'm meant to be working on them right now, and can't get at them, even after syncing. Can you help please? Is it something we're missing (like just finding the audio recording button now nested as an 'attachment') or is this a bug? 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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