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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that wants this. I'm stabbing at the tiny pause/play button on my iPad mini, and it sometimes takes six goes to make it stop, so then I've got to slide the slider, and then it's a while before the bit I need etc. I make audio notes - long ones - every day, and transcription can be a real chore. I've been wanting a keyboard shortcut for years. Podcasty functionality would be great, but I would happily settle for stop/start from a key combo. Please! PS - it's now 4 years - FOUR YEARS! - since Raam Dev raised this topic. Come on, Evernote. I'm paying by the month...
  2. How can I get my Iwatch to display all notes in a notebook? 

  3. I'd like to add a me too to this, but also the possibility to change font too. There are times I want to differentiate different people's views or comments in a block of text, and the most obvious visually is to change the font for each writer. Certainly size change has to be a must soon, doesn't it? I've been a premium user for years and would like to see a bit more development now. There was a good spate of it a while back, but it seems to have gone a bit cold on the big features.
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