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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that wants this. I'm stabbing at the tiny pause/play button on my iPad mini, and it sometimes takes six goes to make it stop, so then I've got to slide the slider, and then it's a while before the bit I need etc. I make audio notes - long ones - every day, and transcription can be a real chore. I've been wanting a keyboard shortcut for years. Podcasty functionality would be great, but I would happily settle for stop/start from a key combo. Please! PS - it's now 4 years - FOUR YEARS! - since Raam Dev raised this topic. Come on, Evernote. I'm paying by the month...
  2. How can I get my Iwatch to display all notes in a notebook? 

  3. I'd like to add a me too to this, but also the possibility to change font too. There are times I want to differentiate different people's views or comments in a block of text, and the most obvious visually is to change the font for each writer. Certainly size change has to be a must soon, doesn't it? I've been a premium user for years and would like to see a bit more development now. There was a good spate of it a while back, but it seems to have gone a bit cold on the big features.
  4. Just tried the same thing and it's worked for me too. Thank you!
  5. Me too! It's taking me a while to find everything, so it's possible some concealed button somewhere will access the rest of my documents, but I'm meant to be working on them right now, and can't get at them, even after syncing. Can you help please? Is it something we're missing (like just finding the audio recording button now nested as an 'attachment') or is this a bug?
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