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(Archived) Outlook 2013 64-bit and Evernote (runtime error - won't load)


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Hi all,


I'm having trouble enabling the Evernote plugin for Office 2013. It gives me a "Not loaded - Runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM add-in" message. I'm running Evernote version (latest AFAIK) on Win7.  I sifted through a couple of threads on this and there were people confirming it did work for their Office 2013, with a couple of others saying that it doesn't. Does anyone know for sure? I would have posted in those threads but since they were so long it seems like questions were being ignored in them. 



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Hi - I'm running Office 2013 on W8 and (touch wood) don't have any problems.. although I'm having enough issues with Outlook 2013 itself not to need any more..  Have you tried the old faithful uninstall / reinstall?  I'd suggest a support request via the link in my signature and a general search for Outlook COM add-in issues in case this is a generic problem rather than an Evernote specific one.

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