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(Archived) (Archived) Having Multiple Versions of Evernote on on iTunes Library


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I, faithfully updated Evernote wherever an update came out, and have keep all three of my iOS devices up to date.  They are all pretty new, the iPod Touch being the oldest, but only about a year or so old.  Unbelevably (and very, very, VERY annoyaningly) when iOS7 came out, the Touch wouldn't run it... Which means it won't run Evernote (the other two are fine.)  So, I now have a copy of Evernote that is too new for one of my devices.  I want to keep the latests and greatest on the two devices that will run it, but I still want a working copy on my old (older, I insisist that it's not cool of Apple to make such a new device obsolite, but that's an apple beef, not an evernote one) touch.  Since I only have the one computer, I need both versions of Evernote in the library at the same time.  They, of course, came from the app store, so I can't just download something and slap it on.  How do I make this happen?

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