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Saving annotated .pdfs back into original note



Hey Skitch team,


I really like your product! I would like it even more if I could save a couple of steps when using it.


I add pdfs of Powerpoints my professors create to my class notes note in Evernote. I would like to be able to annotate these, and have the annotated pdf replace the original pdf in my "class notes" note. This would be similar to when you use Skitch to annotate a picture, and you just save directly to the note. Is this possible?


Looking forward to hearing a response!




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You can do 90% of what you wanttoday. Provided you are using the latest Evernote client, do the following:


  1. Navigate to your class Note with the PDF
  2. Now do this:



Doing that will open up the the note for Annotation in Skitch and let you mark it up. Currently this will save and create a new PDF. We do this in order to preserve the original PDF. You can always drag the PDF into your original note and replace that one, BUT that will result in a "flattening" of the PDF which will make the annotations non-editable.


We are working on a fix for the flattening and will allow for replacement in the very near future. 

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Hoping for a feature so you can overwrite the pdf in an existing note. I am not interested in keeping the original, i only want the one with my notes on..  I also want to have a pdf and some regular notes in the same note, but be able to edit the pdf with skitch without creating a new note..

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Yes, being able to navigate to a note, open a pdf in Skitch and then have Skitch save the annotated pdf over the original pdf in the existing note would be very helpful. I understand that there are instances when keeping the original is important; however, maybe you could have "Save" and "Save as New Note" options.  "Save" would overwrite and "Save as New Note" would perform the existing functionality. 

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@opal29 - You can over right today using just Evernote Markup. Find the PDF and chose to Mark it up in Evernote. Add any annotations and save.


So long as you don't flatten the file you can re-open and annotate at will. 

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