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(Archived) in EN latest version, where is the link to sort notes?

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Used to easily find in the notebook page a link to sort notes by title, date etc etc.

I cannot find it in the latest version. What am i missing, and where is the link?


Searched knowledge database and did not find a specific comment about the link.


On a separate note, how many notes of 270 characters on average can fit in the monthly allowance of 60Mb in the EN free plan?


I'd appreciate knowledgeable responses.


Thank you kindly


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Which client? Windows / Mac / Web / iOS / Android?

Not sure what you mean by 'notebook page'. Notebook properties do not affect note list sorting.


On the monthly allowance question, here's a back-of-the-envelope guess. Let's assume that the Evernote wrapping around those 270 characters doubles the note's size (if it's formatted text, it may be more than that. From that, I get a figure of roughly 116 thousand notes. This, I believe, will break your absolute note limit of 100K (if I recall correctly). You might get a better estimate by adding a bunch of these notes and watching the difference in your monthly allowance.

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