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Jotnot to Evernote?

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Maybe I am missing something, but I am having trouble getting Jotnot to send to Evernote. It seems to send the scanned document from Jotnot to Evernote, but I can't find it in Evernote.


Here is what I know...


1) I have an email from Evernote saying "Successfully connected Evernote account to JotNot Scanner Pro." Sounds promising!

2) When I send to Evernote, Jotnot says "Sent to Evernote."


But when I open Evernote, I don't see the scanned document. Am I missing something?



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I'm having the same type of issue scanning from my hp scanner.  Scanner says that it was successfully sent, but note never shows up.  I've started a ticket and will post info when it is resolved.


Good luck.

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