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(Archived) Add an image to a recipe note

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Some time in the past I HAVE actually copied an image into some recipes, but for the life of me I can't do it today.  Are there any instructions as to how to insert, or copy/paste and image without using the camera in Evernotes. 


I'm not sure if Evernotes has changed their tools or if it's just me having a Senior moment.


Tips are appreciated.



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1.) Create two notes in Evernote - one with the recipe and the second with the photo

2.) Select both notes - in Windows use Ctrl and Click

3.) Right click and Merge Notes into a single note


4.) If desired, do some housecleaning and delete the blue separator bars



Here is some info I pulled from the Evernote Knowledgebase:

How can I merge multiple notes into a single note?

Merging notes is very simple. In Evernote on your Windows or Mac, select multiple notes using Ctrl+click under Windows or Cmd+click under OS X, then select "Merge Notes" from the Edit menu. This will combine the selected notes into a single note and place the origina notes into the Trash.

If you mistakenly merge a note or to un-merge a note, you can restore the notes from your trash.

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