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(Archived) Chrome + new EN Clipper + MacBook Air = Unusable



Really unhappy with the new EN Clipper for Chrome. On my MacBook Air, with the Chrome window open as large as possible (i.e., fills the entire screen), the bottom of the sidebar menus is cut off. See attached image (screen shot of the bottom right corner of the Air's screen):




• Can't see full list of tags that were used. The list runs off the bottom of the screen, and cannot be scrolled or accessed. The list of notebooks scrolls...but not the tags.


• On some pages, the tags entry field is completely cut off (again, appears below the bottom edge of the monitor).


• No field for adding notes??? That's a major problem, since 99% of the time, if I'm saving a clip, I'm adding a note to explain why the clip is relevant.


• Cannot edit title of note??? Instead of my note titles, clipped items get stuck with a web page's default (coded) title...many of which are alphanumeric in nature, leaving nothing to be searched by the EN engine.

Found it...dumb luck. Definitely not obvious.


Was about to revert to the legacy version of Clipper...until reading that doing so means canceling 2-factor verification. Can't degrade my security for the sake of appeasing a degraded clipper. 


Please, please, please return 2-step to the legacy clipper (while hopefully fixing the broken elements).

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