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(Archived) Deleting Multiple Notebooks

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I have been using Evernote in the classroom. Last year I created shared notebooks with over 300 students. I will be doing the same again this year. Because I have so many shared notebooks it slows down the synching process. 


Is there a way I can delete multiple notebooks at once? Having to go in a delete each notebook individually with right clicking is very tedious. It seems that if there is a way to delete multiple notes that I could delete multiple notebooks.


Also when I delete a shared notebook on my end, what happens to the user's notes on their end?

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OK you have two separate problems there..


To 'lose' all the shared notebooks you might consider setting up another free account and snapshotting the database when it has no shared notebooks.  Set up and share notebooks all you want from that account - make sure you share one with your own main account.  Move any data you want to keep into the notebook shared with you.  In your own main account,  copy all that data into another notebook.  Now exit your 'sharing' account completely and replace the currently full database with the snapshot of an empty one.  Start over...


The reason I say copy the data from your shared notebook into your own account is that with you,  as with your students,  the notebook shared with you will disappear,  but any information you copy from it into your own notebooks will be saved.


Having tried to explain that,  deleting individual notebooks might seem easier...

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