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(Archived) Created Date instead of Updated Date in Snippet View?


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Is there anyway to show the created date instead of the updated date in snippet view? The updated dates don't matter to me at all but I use the created dates for things like tax forms when I have a new one every year to differentiate between them.


I'm using V5 but I can't remember which date came up in V4 (I only recently went back and scanned a batch of old documents so I didn't use the dates as much until now).

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Title then shows Updated date, which is what most people use... there isn't a work around at this time. I've seen several users put the created date in the title, which might help you, though I understand that may be a little more work.


For things like Tax forms, updated date is probably at least the same year as the created date, in case that works out for you.

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I've only just gone back to scan some old documents so pretty much all my updated dates for the kinds of documents I'd be using them for are in the last couple of months. While I was scanning I only bothered to change the created dates as I've seen lots of mentions of using these for searches, and didn't think I'd need to change both.


Could I request an option to choose which date you'd like to be displayed in a future update? One of evernote's best points is that it's flexibility so everyone can use it in the way that suits them best, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who finds it useful to see the created date without having the documents listed by it.

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