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(Archived) (Apparently) losing tags (but actually not)

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Hi all,


Just posting about an issue that's bugged me for a while that I just had a realisation about.


There have been a few times where I've experienced lost tagging 'work'. Where I'm sure a tag has a certain number of notes attached to it, but later I see that it only has a few, or none. It's an aggravating situation. It doesn't happen frequently but when it has happened I feel a sense of lost trust in the system (and have to remind myself how great it is otherwise!).



I have an example to show here - BUT on installing Ev5 (to a separate machine) I've just realised my issues isn't an Evernote cloud issue; rather it's a local database issue. Let me explain.


See the following attached image. Here are two tags I know used to have tons of notes attached - I know one had hundreds and the other over a thousand. Now, only a few:




(in case you're wondering I have a health issue that responds well to diet - I tracked what I ate and how I felt for months!)


But these tags have LOST their attached notes. Right? Well! I come to install Ev5 on a separate (virtual) machine and this is what I see:




The notes are back attached to the tags!



Which is actually a great relief, because all that tagging 'work' hasn't been lost!



Is this local DB file corruption do we think? My DB file is 10.6Gb.







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