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  1. Why am I receiving upsells within my Windows app? I am *already* paying for the Evernote service. I want to know why they have thought it a good idea to spam me within the app. Email and other types of upsell seem OK (ish) but there's something about spamming me *within my own app* that feels horribly misjudged. Go away!
  2. @freyja313 I had that same problem a while ago. Optimising the database fixed it for me. Follow the steps here:
  3. Couldn't agree more. I've been using Evernote since the early days and it pains me greatly to see it getting so bad. Formatting inside Windows note is now so broken. I have it set to display at Verdana 10 and it says it's displaying at Verdana 9 (no idea why) and yet true Verdana 9 looks smaller than what it's actually displaying (and what is it displaying is smaller than 10 too!). The behaviour for Control-M indents is now weird. You press delete at the bottom of an indented section, it jumps up a load of lines to the place before any indents at all. Oh and that ridiculous huge
  4. Do I exaggerate? I'm not sure. But these now don't work or are crazy changes: The big left margin. Hideous. There because they've updated the table functionality! For changes to one feature of a note, they've added a mega margin to every single note.... errmmmm My tables are now all screwed up. Where I had columns set to certain widths, I not find those widths have changed on their own. Much to my dismay... errrmmmm... why? Font sizes now don't work! I'll say it again, because it seems too ridiculous. Font sizes now do not work. I have Verdana 10 set
  5. I am thirding this.... It shows an incredible lack of broader thinking for them to have done this.... we need tables improvements, let's increase the margin on EVERY NOTE to a ridiculous degree... Again: what kind of hands are we in, post-Libin???? Is it really time to start jumping ship. I REALLY don't want to, but maybe things will just stagnate and get worse from here. Excuse the negativity overload. Working out my feelings towards a platform I have LOVED for going on ten years....
  6. Seconding this query.... why have they added this crazy margin? Adds to the feeling that post-Libin we're going into Microsoft territory...
  7. +1 this I would like this feature a lot. The essence being: multiple note LISTS open at one time. We can have multiple notes open at a time, but have to always switch-switch-switch between notebooks or search. Two side by side (in my case, a to do list notebook on one side of screen, and one of my reference notebooks on the other) would be most helpful for productivity... I'd keep my to do lists on one monitor all day, and only work off the second monitor...
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