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(Archived) New Skitch user, sync not working evernote for mac --> skitch


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Hey, I am a premium evernote user, but a new skitch user.   Trying to get it to work.




Lion 10.8.4

Evernote:  5.2.1

Skitch:  2.6.2

iOS:  6.1.3


Notes in evernote in the skitch notebook do not show up on skitch either on my mac or ipad.   New notes i put in the skitch notebook in evernote on the mac do show up in evernote on my ipad in the correct notebook.   Basically, it is syncing only in one direction (skitch --> evernote), but not the other way (evernote-->skitch).


When I look in evernote (both on mac and on ipad) in the skitch notebook, it has notes from skitch as well as notes from evernote.  Skitch only has files that I made in skitch.  


I signed in and out of Skitch with my evernote login.   Same problem.


Any help would be great.  I attached some logs.   Let me know if you need anymore info.











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@danreck - What kind of Notes are you creating outside of Skitch and then moving into the Skitch folder?


Currently Skitch will only show images that it knows about, these being images created by Skitch or are a Skitch rich PNG or PDF. If it is an ordinary JPG or PNG then Skitch won't see it. However you can still markup the image by going into Evernote and either selecting the image and right clicking in order to select Markup or by going to the Mark up icon (looks like the heart stamp) in the top right and selecting the image you want to markup.


This will cause Skitch to become aware of the image and able to annotate in the future.

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I am looking to mark up pdfs, generally.  I imagined that if I put a pdf in evernote that I could then annotate it in skitch, either on my mac or ipad.   That does not work, according to you, unless I do something first in evernote.     


But even following your instructions, it still does not work. I went into the skitch folder in evernote and picked a pdf and then selected "Mark Up a Copy with Skitch" and added some random arrows and boxes.   So now there is a pdf in my evernote in the skitch notebook that has been marked up with skitch, and it still does not show up in skitch.


Maybe I am asking too much, but communication between evernote and skitch seems to fall somewhere between weak and non-existent. 

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@danreck - It sounds like you're running into some strange bug. Can you share with me your specific steps (detailed breakdown) of what you're trying to do?


If you drop a PDF into Evernote and using Skitch iOS (iPad or iPhone) and choose New (+ sign) and then "Create from PDF" you should see a list of all PDFs in your Evernote account.


On the Mac you can chose to Annotate a PDF from within Evernote which with 2.6.2 and the latest Evernote client open up Skitch and allow you to mark up any PDF. Saving back will create a new PDF note in Evernote which when you next sync will show up in your Skitch clients and Evernote.


Please make sure your clients sync on both sides and then you should be able to see the PDFs in both Skitch and Evernote.

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I think two things are going on, 1)  I did not understand how skitch/evernote worked together, and 2) evernote is still not pushing files back to skitch on the mac. 


Re: 1) I can now see all my evernote pdfs in skitch on ios.   I didn't know that if I hit "+" and selected "create from a pdf" that all my evernote pdfs would be there.  That works, and is manageable.


Re:  2)  I don't think it matters anymore since I can mark up my pdfs in evernote on my mac using skitch tools.   


Thanks for your help.

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