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(Archived) Universal Ebook Reader

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It would be nice if all the evernote clients (windows/mac/web/iphone) could read ebooks and keep your current location (of reading) in sync with all your computers. So I could read a book at work, and when I come home I can continue to read the book. It would also be nice if I could write notes about the book i'm reading, linking directly to the text in the book.

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I suspect that Evernote are unlikely to implement a full-blown version of this feature any time in the near future, but there is a workaround for the desktop & web versions of Evernote when reading pdf eBooks. You can make notes underneath the pdf, using page numbers to make it easy to work out which part they relate to; this can also be used to make a note of the page number you are on in the pdf so you can find your place again easily. I do this kind of thing quite often now, especially when reading academic papers (on a related note, I'd really appreciate being able to copy & paste text from pdfs in the desktop client without having to open them in an external application).

Unfortunately this doesn't work on the mobile version (at least not on the Windows Mobile client, I don't know about the iPhone), since you only seem to be able to edit simple text notes. If we could at least edit the plain text portions of notes containing pdfs & other "uneditable" content, we could make notes on documents we're reading. I use Evernote as a kind of personal library for a wide variety of content, and I really appreciate the ability to read articles etc I've clipped from the internet on my mobile (it would be even better if I could also read pdfs without having to open them in an external reader), but I would like to be able to annotate them too.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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