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(Archived) Why did you remove dropdown boxes for filtering notebook, tag or search in Windows Evernote V5?


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Hi all evernote employees and fans, 




I just updated to Evernote V5, it looks awesome, thank you all for your efforts. 


However I was wandering why you removed attached shortcut notebook (or tag or search ) dropdown box. 


As you might know, we, as biggest fans of EN,  rely heavily on these dropdown boxes, as this is the only way to text-filter notebook (or tag or search) by name directly, even in Evernote V5. 

For us having more than 50 notebooks, even more tags, even more and more searches, we can do nothing if we don't have text-filter capability of not only full text search but also notebook, tag and searches' search. 



Could you please recover these dropdown boxes next release? 


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Hi all, 


I am really sorry missing this improvement about what I said above.


Apparently,  EN didn't remove this feature, but improve it. 


We can type "Shift Alt N" or "Shift Alt T" to trigger notebook or tag search by their names. You can also find these under VIEW -> Jump to ... 


At last, even though we improve search textbox to let us easy to find saved search, I also recommend add "Jump to Seaches", as sometimes we only want to find a search. And it will become more elegant  as we can treat NOTEBOOK, TAG and SEARCH as three key elements for Evernote, right? 


Thank you all of Evernote guys making this world more rememberable even for ever. 

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I would like to add some comments about "Jump to Notebook" and "Jump to Tag". 


Their workflows seems different when I use shortcut, I think it is a little change.


"Jump to Notebook" is like a shortcut to point to a notebook for searching. 


BUT "Jump to Tag" is more like a switch to switch on / off tag filter.


In my view, for the meaning of "Jump to ", it's good to be seen as a shortcut to point to something.  


I though it would be more elegant, wouldn't it? 

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The CTRL+ALT+T shortcut is nice but when searching for tags, you need "contains" logic. For example, if you have tagname="cus-pepsi" you want to be able to type in "pepsi" and find the tag anyway.  this is very important.


Yes, contains logic is vital.


I also miss that the V4 notebook/tag search in the menu bar jumped to the notebook or tag in the left panel. This is crucial if you have nested tags and is trying to quickly find and jump to your tag within a large tag tree.

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