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(Archived) Can I disable sync on a notebook only for downloads?

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I'd like to use Evernote at home and at work. I want anything I clip at work or at home to go up to the Evernote servers.

However, I don't want a lot of stuff downloaded to my work computer. Is it possible to have notebooks that only sync in one direction (up to the server)? One issue is that my work probably doesn't want me to be downloading a lot of data. And a lot of the personal data I have in Evernote I wouldn't need at work anyway (or I could use the web interface to get to it). And then there is the issue of NSFW stuff I might clip from home. :(

Does anyone have this managed? The only thing I can think of is two accounts, and from work I just sync with work stuff into a public folder. But I might not want the world to see that folder. Can I have a "public" folder and just say who is allowed to see it?

But ideally, I would be able to just have my work install of Evernote only upload, not download. If it matters, I use a Mac at work and at home.

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You can make a notebook "local only" on a single computer, but there's no way to selectively prevent synchronization for normal notebooks onto a single computer. I'd recommend you either use the web UI on your work computer, or else maybe try our portable edition from a USB stick. This is easiest if you have a SanDisk drive supporting the "U3" standard, which allows you to store apps and their data on a memory stick without writing anything to your computer:


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I'd count on 50MB for our application, plus the size of your data. If you're buying a new USB drive, I think that it would be hard to find one in the store that was too small for Evernote unless you have over 1GB of notes.

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Thanks dave, and I just finished installing the Sandisk Application and it works quite well and allows me to work on my personal accounts

and then remove the Sandisk so i wont get hacked again.

The cruzer U3 is quite practical and i am impressed.


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