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(Archived) Help, Skitch froze and I lost several documents of work!


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We use Skitch for Ipad 4 at school.  I had completed several documents that had been saved and was finishing up the last one. All of the sudden the app froze and my only option was to click the home screen button.  When I reopened Skitch, all of my documents were gone.  Documents that had been saved.  I can't believe I have to do all that work all over again.  How can saved documents just disappear??   Please help!

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If you have sync'd your Skitch notes to Evernote, i don't think you need to worry, as a backup copy of your notes would be in Evernote, that is the purpose of the cloud anyways, since in the case of a crash like you mentioned, what ever the reason, your data is safely backed up somewhere.


If you haven't, then i think you may wish to contact support.
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