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(Archived) Note content not showing in note panel - only when separate window is opened.



I am a relatively new Evernote user; I installed the software this summer and have been a "light" user up until last week, when I started school as a student. I am using Evernote Version 5.1.3 and a MacBook Pro OS X.


My problem: the content from previously created notes no longer appears in the notes panel, but it used to work fine. This is true for all types of notes: from personally created notes that are all text to notes created using the web-clipper add-on for Firefox. I can type within the notes panel, but even if I simply switch to a new note and back, the content will not appear.


The only way I can view the content seems to be by opening the note in its own window. Not terribly difficult, but somewhat inconvenient and clearly not the way the software is meant to work.


The two screenshots below illustrate the problem: the first showing a note as viewed in the notes panel, the second showing the note as viewed in its own window.



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