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(Archived) Many questions


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I would like to know if any of the following are possible.  I work on PC not MAC


  1. Is there any way to customize the font toolbar in a note?  I often use attachments but don't use the indenting feature. 
  2. If you are sharing a notebook with someone, can you add a tab or can only the owner.  If you can't add a tab how is the easiest way to copy the note (my sister and I are sharing recipes but I don't seem to be able to add tabs and coping the note always seems difficult) 
  3. Can you edit someone else's note? 
  4. Is there a way to pick which picture I would like to be the image shown for a note?  I have tried to move the image to the top of the page to make it the prominent picture but that didn't work either. 
  5. On a PC, can you make the thumbnails view larger thumbnails.  Right now they are too small.  My sister showed me her version on her MAC and that was exactly what I was looking for.



6. I would like to have only the tabs for the notebook I am working in to show up on the left side. Is that possible. 

7. In Evernote food, is there a way to search for a Recipe from your own book and can the recipes be formatted like a cookbook.  Example, Chicken: All recipes containing chicken. 


Thanks for any answers people know on all of these questions. 




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