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  1. This is my wishlist for EN. Keep in mind I love all the changes and there are so many good things, but a few of these features keep me from completely submersing myself in this product. Resizing of pictures** (I place a lot of tutorials in my EN and it defaults generally to the first picture which only show supplies but I want it to show the finished product). If Resizing isn't possible, then choosing which picture to be the "face" of that note. Less crashing/not responding (this happens to me ALOT) Have a 5 star rating system (great for food or movies and such.. even if just for Evernote Food)Would like the resizeable feature for the "cards" in the view section again. It's no longer available. Can isolate shared folder tags**. What I mean is that my sister and I share recipes books, I have all of her tags clogging up my tags. I would like her tags not to show up unless I specifically click on that notebook. If any of these are currently available, please let me know.
  2. Hi, I love the new favorites (the star icon) feature on Iphone and ipad. Does this feature also work on pc version? I can't seem to easily find the items I normally find because they are starred in my phone. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I did mean tags. Well... it's unfortunate cause her tags are driving me crazy. Thanks for the response.
  4. I am using the PC version. It is under file and has print preview. But it always just shows the image. It doesn't matter where the writting is. Above, below or all around. The text doesn't show up, only the image. An example about the tabs would be I have a tab called "Dinner" and so do I. I would like her tabs not to show up unless I click on her notebook. Otherwise, it gets confusing and adds a lot of tabs that I wouldn't use. Thanks for responding. Nicole
  5. I am wondering if others are having the same problem I do in regards to print preview. I work on PC. It will show the image of what I want to print, however, none of the writing.If you have multiple pictures in one note and you want one of them to be the "face" of that note is that possible? Is there any way to customize the font toolbar in a note? I often use attachments but don't use the indenting feature and so I would like attachments to show on the main line and not indenting. I am currently sharing a recipes notebook with my sister. However, I don't want all her tabs clogging up with my tabs. Is there a way to not have her tabs show unless I actually click on her notebook? Thanks for everyones help! Nicole
  6. Thanks so much jefito! It worked. You just made my day!!
  7. Does anyone know how to change the sizes on thumbnail view? I work off a PC and the images are tiny. I've tried making the viewing part larger and the note part smaller but that doesn't change the size of the thumbnail. My sister sent me a picture of what shows up for her on her MAC and it's exactly how I'd like mine to show. Any ideas? Thanks, Nicole
  8. I would like to know if any of the following are possible. I work on PC not MAC Is there any way to customize the font toolbar in a note? I often use attachments but don't use the indenting feature. If you are sharing a notebook with someone, can you add a tab or can only the owner. If you can't add a tab how is the easiest way to copy the note (my sister and I are sharing recipes but I don't seem to be able to add tabs and coping the note always seems difficult) Can you edit someone else's note? Is there a way to pick which picture I would like to be the image shown for a note? I have tried to move the image to the top of the page to make it the prominent picture but that didn't work either. On a PC, can you make the thumbnails view larger thumbnails. Right now they are too small. My sister showed me her version on her MAC and that was exactly what I was looking for. 6. I would like to have only the tabs for the notebook I am working in to show up on the left side. Is that possible. 7. In Evernote food, is there a way to search for a Recipe from your own book and can the recipes be formatted like a cookbook. Example, Chicken: All recipes containing chicken. Thanks for any answers people know on all of these questions. Nicole
  9. I am loving EN and trying to incorporate it any way I can, but at the moment I am very glad to be Canadian and not have to worry about healthcare bills. Goodness, it sounds terribly confusing keeping it all straight. Best of luck figuring out the best way to enter it into EN. N
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