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JAWS (screen reader) Users


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I am legally blind - paperless by need - and use a screen reader called JAWS. I can not get JAWS to read anything in the evernote desktop application for windows. I am a lawyer and run my own consulting practice, but will not recommend any product that I can't use with JAWS. I love evernote, so any ideas from the community would be greatly appreciated.

I am running - JAWS 13, Windows 7 on a 64 bit with an  I7 processor, quad core and 16G ram.





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Hi, I am totally blind as well, and am working on my masters. I feel that a tool like evernote would be invaluable, but I agree that it is totally inaccessible.

I am running windows 8.1 on a intel I7 processor and JAWS 15.0.

It has been roughly 14 years since I have written any jaws scripts, but if I could get a handle on how evernote is supposed to work, I would give it a try.

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I am also a blind person using JAWS 15 and Windows 7 (64 bit).  Evernote notes do not appear to have accessible text on the desktop version of Evernote.  The notes can be emailed, copied to a text editor, viewed on an IOS device or in the Evernote Mobile versions.  It is impossible to conclude that this is anything other than a technical problem with the Evernote desktop product.

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I have reduced vision. In older versions of Evernote, I was able to resize the fonts in my web-clipped notes to something I could use. With new versions, I lost access to *thousands* of notes because the font was set at the Evernote system default size, and it could not be changed without producing lines of overlapping text. Evernote has been completely unresponsive. They do not appear to care whether their product is accessible or not. 

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