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(Archived) How to set evenote+scansnap to automatically translate searchable pdf?

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I need to convert german into english automatically when I scan the documents. Is that possible to do as auto setting with scansnap+evernote or scansnap+google-docs?


Hi. I am not aware of anything that automatically translates any language. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some kind of program out there for it, but it certainly doesn't appear to exist anywhere in scansnap or evernote.


Adobe (the software in Scansnap) will take a scanned item and recognize the text in it (called Optical Character Recognition, or OCR). You will probably need to tell it to look for German text. Also, it might not hurt to adjust your Evernote settings to look for both German and English.



Recognizing text in an image, however, is a far cry from translation, I am afraid.

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Thanks Christopher .. Do you know of any tricks I can use after Google Docs upload to have the documents translated as second step?


Glad I could help. I am afraid I don't know of any software that will automatically translate anything in Google Docs or otherwise. It might well exist, of course, but given the state of machine translation, I doubt it would be terribly useful...

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