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(Archived) Shareable Notebooks using premium and free EN accounts?


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I have a question about sharing notebooks. We want to be able to have a number of evernote users sharing their individual notebooks with one central user. This central user needs to be able to edit/delete the contents of the notebooks shared with them.


Editing shared notebooks is a 'premium' feature so we can currently share notebooks but our central user cannot edit them. 


To be able to edit shared notebooks do both users need to have a premium account? Would it be possible to have just one premium account for the central user? (the user who needs to edit all of the notebooks shared with them). Just to clarify the individuals don't need access to each others notebooks.


I just wanted to check that this would work before buying a premium account!


Hope this makes sense...


Thanks for replying.

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Only Premium users can permit someone else to edit their account, so in your example all the satellite users would have to be Prem, the central person doesn't need to be.


As premium users can permit other users to edit their account(I guess you meant notes or shared notes), isnt it possible that the Central User has a premium account and then this central users allowed other free sataellite users to share the note he/she has shared with them? I think that is what OP wants.


If not there can be a work around that whenever a satellite user wants a shared note and colloborate with others or central user then that user should just share that note with the central user and then the central user will create a copy of the same note and share it back with the central user and achieve what he/she wants.

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Thanks @kumar,  you're right - I had it kind've backwards,  but the explanation still stands - for the central user to be able to edit notes,  they ether need to be in his/ her own notebook or shared with permission to edit from other Premium users.  You can work the system if

  • The central Prem user shares a notebook with multiple users that they have permission to edit.
  • Users can edit existing notes in place,  take notes from the notebook into their own Free Evernote accounts to edit,  or create their own notes and copy them into the shared notebook.  
  • As long as the notes are in the shared notebook,  the central user can also add comments and edit them - and all of this will remain visible to the other user(s) as well.

Best advice on any sharing system though:  don't get everything set up for a big launch - try this out with one or two friends and colleagues to make sure your system works reasonably well first!

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