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(Archived) Insert Checkbox Shortcut not working EN v4.6.7 with Skitch


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I can't get Ctrl-Shift-C to create a checkbox in EN.


I'm running EN on Windows 7.


I'm also running Skitch (just installed) and I can get the shortcut to work in Evernote if I stop Skitch.  Looking at Skitch, it has a shortcut using the same keys...Is it just a simple conflict between the two?  Seems EN folks would have tried to avoid key conflicts between two products designed to work together.  Neither product allows you to redefine the shortcut keys. Skitch designers, take a look at Snag-it which realized long ago that a global utility designed to capture screens from all sorts of apps needs to be able to allow re-defining shortcut keys.  (EN designers probably should heed the same considerations.)


Is this a known issue?  Is there a way to fix this? 


Thanks in advance.



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Thanks Scott,


That's a helpful partial workaround.


I'll have to decide for now if Skitch is worth starting every time I need it.  I'll probably just stick with good old Snag-It and paste manually into EN.  Sigh.

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