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(Archived) Bug: iPhone Crashes with Pictures


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I am using Evernote version 5.4.3 on my iPhone 4S, running iOS version 6.1.3


Recently, I have tried to create a new note, then take a picture, only to have Evernote force close on me. I open up Evernote and there is a blank note, no picture. If I tried to add a picture to the blank note or try again with a new note, it does the same thing.

I can add a picture a picture I have already taken, or take a picture with a 3rd party app, like Skitch or Art my Kid Made, but not in Evernote itself. It also only happens when I have the feature to save the picture to my iPhone turned on.


I turned off picture saving and it works fine and when I want to save it to my phone, I take it with the iPhone camera app then add it to Evernote, but this seems like a bug that may need fixed.



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