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(Archived) Experiences with EN for big groups


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I'm planning to use Evernote with a group of 30 people in my company. Some of them are Premium and some are not. The objective is to create a free space to share information (small notes and docs). It will be use only the Android app.


I did a small pilot with 5 users and worked well, but I'm still afraid of launching officially a "program to share information" and turns out to be a bad experience. 


I'm reading here that Evernote is not the apropriated tool for big groups, that has a lot of problems with sharing stuff, but I really need an unexpensive option and EN seems to be good at it. I've already read a lot of posts here and I know a bunch of limitations that it's ok for me.


Someone here already tested and use EN to share notes and small docs with a big group of people? it worked?



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If you have one (or a very few) authors and lots of readers you should be fine.  If you mean for 30 people to have edit access to a small number of notes, run away now.  Try adding another 5 (friendly) users to your group,  and if that works you could try some more - but if you need to go for the 'big bang' approach,  beware that it's not the wrong sort of bang...

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