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(Archived) "Note from" details

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Hi All,

I am new to Evernote, I have decided to try and get more usage out of my Kindle Fire rather than just playing games that my son has downloaded.


When I add a new note to Evernote using my Kindle it adds the below 


"Note from Phil <removed> @ <removed>, Scotland"


( I have obviously removed some details) Anyhow I am not Phil, he is a work colleague, but he has never even seen my Kindle let alone used it, and he has nothing to do with the email account that I used to create my Evernote account

It got my location right.


Where is Evernote getting this info from and how can I change it. I have found how to switch AutoTitle off but can't find hoe to change the info




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If auto-title is off,  your new notes shouldn't come up with that heading.  Any you have saved,  you'd have to go back to and delete/ change the information.  Autotitle uses your local information to try and suggest a useful title for a note,  so you can't erase that specific information unless you take an mention of Phil - including any emails from or notes about him - off your Kindle.  It's not a Big Brother situation - all Evernote has is whatever notes you sync to the cloud; your other information is just stored on your Kindle.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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