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(Archived) Scansnap default notebook

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When scanning using my scansnap 1300 creating a PDF, is there a way to specify what NOTEBOOK the Note ends up in??  Right now the note always ends up the whatever notebook I'm looking at in Evernote at the time of the scan so they can end up scattered about and are a real pain to find.


The note does NOT go to my default notebook for some reason and I can't see anyplace in the Scansnap software to specify the destination notebook




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If you're a Windows user,  there's an easy fix - scan to a hard drive folder,  then move your PDFs to one or more Import Folders linked to specific notebooks from which Evernote will move files as soon as you drop them there.  There's no easy way to direct the scanner to assign files to one or other notebook - as you've noted,  it either uses the default notebook or the one you're currently viewing.  I'd suggest scanning to a folder is best practice anyway - you can check file names,  edit PDFs and generally do housekeeping without impacting your upload limit.

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