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(Archived) Version 5.3.0 Beta 1 (401672)



Just downloaded the version named in title.  What is different about this version?  I spotted that when multiple notes are selected, ther is a new part of the button called Create Table of Contents Note.  Clicking on it will make those selected notes disappear and some other unrelated note will appear.  If you then clear all notes and look at the most recent one, it will be called Table of Contents.  Then a numbered list of notes in the Table of Contents note so that each entry links to a note.  Before using it I gues make sure the titles of the notes are clear enough to warrant being in a table of contents.  If you create another table of Contents it will have the same name.  So you could end up with two Table of Contents notes in the same notebook.  I guess you would change the name from Table of Contents to something more descriptive of that particlular Table.

What else?

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