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  1. On the subject of Evernote being free, I am fine with paying something. A free service has to be supported. If users do not pay directly, then advertisers are paying. That means the advertisers are going to take away some of your time. I prefer to control my own time use.
  2. Yes, it is possible to set up two factor authentication without SMS, just using Google Authenticator only. I just did it yesterday. But unless I am missing something, it does not give you security against the most likely vulnerability. If i have signed off Evernote, which I do not usually do, then when I sign on again and have entered my user name and password, I am asked to enter a six digit series from Authenticator. (sidenote- At first I was confused because of the space between the first three and last three digits. It turns out that you do not enter the space.) The six digits are generated randomly and they change after a short time. This means that it would be impossible for someone else who tried to access your Evernote on the web and who knew your username and password to be successful if they did not have your mobile device. If this person was able to access your desktop computer and you had not previously signed out, the two factor authentication would NOT protect you. Your privacy could still be protected if your computer had a password set to restrict access to the whole computer. To me, the most plausible scenario in which your evernote privacy is at risk would be if your mobile device is lost or stolen and the person who has it knows your pass code. A member of your household, for example, might know your passcode and be able to gain access to your device. In this scenario, the two factor process is of no value. The person could access your evernote account if you had not signed out, which is true regardless of whether two-factor is enabled or not. If the person knows your username and password, which is entirely possible if he/she is a member of your household, you have no protection, and the two factor is irrelevant. The mobile device will have Google authenticator installed and it will provide the six digits to anyone who has access to the device. If you tap the authenticator, it will display a screen that tells the user that it is connected to Evernote. In a true two-step authentication, such as a bank can use, one carries a random number generator (like Google Authenticator) but there is no connection between that device and your account number or the name of your bank. The way Evernote security is designed, the random number generator and the username/password might both be accessible on a mobile device. Very flawed design, suggesting that it was designed by people with little understanding of how to secure information. AM I missing something?
  3. I've said it before but will say it again.... TEST your software before you release it. Also, and this is a new idea for me, when a new release comes out warn users if it will require migration of all notes from the old version to the new version. I hate it when I lose access to my computer because Evernote has to take it away from me.
  4. I second this: With regards to very top bar... Search should always be showing.... Not chat...
  5. I did notice, quite by accident, that I can know take a picture of a business card on IPhone and Evernote will read it and fill in key contact information. I don't know if it can also include the reverse side of a business card. They say it can sync to your Contacts, but it is not clear if this is only Apple's Contqcts or could be Google or other contacts. I wonder what other features they added without a word of explanation.
  6. Does Evernote have any documentation or instruction for natural language search? Seems to me it would be a huge time waster to try to figure it out. How is it the same as or different from Google search?
  7. What is new in Evernote 5.1.4, which I just downloaded? More generally, where in Evernote websites/knowledge base/ forums/Youtube/other resources can I go to look up what past changes have been? "bug fixes" is a frequent explanation, but means nothing to users. Were these bugs that I was encountering without knowing they were bugs? Or bugs that I never would haver known about? I'd like to know a little more. Is there a place where users discuss their experience with new versions? I found in the past that Evernote puts out updates without adequate testing and then a day later puts out another version. I would be interested in hearing from Evernote whether they have made changes to their procedures to guard against this? Maybe Everntoe has issued such a statement and I just hae never seen it?
  8. Just downloaded the version named in title. What is different about this version? I spotted that when multiple notes are selected, ther is a new part of the button called Create Table of Contents Note. Clicking on it will make those selected notes disappear and some other unrelated note will appear. If you then clear all notes and look at the most recent one, it will be called Table of Contents. Then a numbered list of notes in the Table of Contents note so that each entry links to a note. Before using it I gues make sure the titles of the notes are clear enough to warrant being in a table of contents. If you create another table of Contents it will have the same name. So you could end up with two Table of Contents notes in the same notebook. I guess you would change the name from Table of Contents to something more descriptive of that particlular Table. What else?
  9. @ nightstalker. Yeah. What he said.
  10. What about saved searches? In 5.0.0 that was changed and I could not figure it out, or maybe there wasn't even that feature any more. Another reason I rolled back and am hesitant to re-try.
  11. How about the customizing of the menu bar at the top? When I tried the Beta 5.0.0 that ability had been removed. In particular I used a single click to Delete a note. Also a single click to Print. With the Beta version it took more clicks. What about an update of the User Guide for Mac? When should we expect that? Not the quick start stuff, and not the videos, since they do not actually explain how to do stuff. And if I did update to Evernote 5.0.1 and did not like it, can I revert back to 3.3.0 or would I be stuck with 5.0.1? I already have a good facility with 3.3.0 and I would not want to lose the ability to go back to it. Thanks in advance.
  12. @grumpy monkey: " Could you tell us specifically what aspect of the app wasted the better part of your day? Maybe that will help Evernote improve the experience next time." Sure. It is different. And the months of my learning how to use it, while not entirely wasted, have been rendered wasted until I spend yet more time to get back to where I was in proficiency.
  13. mcdonna- yes there is a relatively easy way to "downgrade" back to to the stable version you were using. At least that is what I was able to do and did. Evernote should have an easy to find link to the instructions but I don't think they do. I had to get the instructions from the technical support. ONe caution thought is that they do not give you a choke of WHICH version of evernote you download after you delete the flawed version 5.0.0. At any time they could probably change it so you cannot go back. I don't think Evernote developers appreciate how much of an investment a user makes in getting to know how to use their software. Perhaps unfair to single out Evernote. Apple, Microsoft and others are guilty of the same thing. For an unimportant bit of software that you don't use much it does not matter. But Evernote has managed to create a piece of software that has become "mission critical" for many of its users. Along with that comes an obligation to respect how users come to depend on it. Evernote treats each each revision as automatically all better. But they also have REMOVED key features in version 5 without telling users. There was a feature whereby you could be notified of beta versions. I said ok to that because at the time I had not seen Evernote abuse its users by putting out clearly bad software. Now I know better and will try to change that setting. It reminds me of my recent experience in the northeast with power outages (out 9 days). When Tommy Edison and his buddies introduced electricity it was a nice new optional feature. And putting the power lines above ground where the trees could fall on them was a neat idea because it was cheaper and faster. Fast forward a century or so and it looks like a big mistake. Now electricity is pretty much a necessity. Con-Ed gets a lot of grief for acting like it is just a nice extra new thing. Such is Evernote's situation. If you are going to get a monopoly-style position providing customers with a mission-critical service, you are asking for a massive blow back when anything goes wrong.
  14. Grumpy- You say "It is still in beta, so there is that." The message that pops up to inform users that a new version of Evernote is available does NOT use the word "Beta". It does not warn users that there is no documentation for how the new version works. Yet another flaw in the new version. "Everyone wins"? Nice try. I wasted the better part of a day. Did you think of that when you made your claim of everybody winning? Perhaps you meant to say "everybody at evernote wins when we can trick our users into doing our work for us"
  15. I was very disappointed in Evernote. They promoted the new version for Mac 5.0.0 on their web site with flashy text and photos, implying that it was "ready for prime time". The reality is that it is very far from being ready for public use. People like me who use it heavily cannot afford to drop everything for a day or two to learn how to use it, provide feedback to Evernote about what is wrong with it, and then (as I did) switch back to the previous version. Maybe if they wanted to compensate me for my time I would do it, but they were looking for users to become unpaid consultants. The effort that went into creating advertising to make it appear ready for use ought to have gone into providing basic explanations about how to use the new version. I am happy to be back to an earlier and more stable version, and I will avoid future "beta" versions. I will also view future Evernote releases more skeptically. I am curious about what is going on internally at Evernote that allowed this blunder. I may have to switch to a different tool. I started with Microsoft OneNote. That was one of the few really good Microsoft products. It would only do a revision on the Office cycle, which was not necessarily the best thing for OneNote and its users. Evernote seemed to be doing a better job of revising its software when there were substantive improvements. Now there seems to have been a rush to revise it when the "eye candy" looks different without regard to whether it functions better.
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