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(Archived) Android Sync Problem


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Ran into an Android sync problem this morning I would appreciate some help with.


I use Android for all my note taking and brainstorming and have it on my Windows desktop, Windows laptop, Android smart phone (Samsung Galaxy Note) and my Android Tablet (Acer Iconia A210).


I love how I can take notes on any device and then can access them later.


I opened up my tablet to prepare to take notes for a meeting and noticed that at least one of my stacks was missing  - a major one that has about 6 notebooks under it. I found this odd, so I grabbed my smartphone, thinking perhaps I had set that notebook not to synchronize by mistake. But it was showing fine on my smart phone. 


I also noticed a discrepancy in the number of notes in a notebook I created called !Inbox that I use as a default for clipping articles off the web and for new notes that I haven't assigned yet. They are showing at 19 notes on my desktop and smart phone but only 9 on the tablet. Last night I took a note on my tablet when a friend came over and mentioned a movie they liked. That note IS on both the desktop and smartphone now but NOT on the tablet - odd since I took it on the tablet.


I did notice a sync failed message on the tablet and tried another sync but it failed as well. It says "Downloading headers...61%" but then fails.


Any suggestions?

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