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Importing as a link





would it be possible to import some file that are in my mac finder folders into evernote, but just as a link. 


For instance, I have a note, where i want to talk about a PDF, but i just want to have a reference to the actual PDF in my finder, and not duplicate the pdf in my computer. That is, having one in evernote, just for making note on it, and one in my finder. I want to avoid that.


The context is that i have Papers, a library software for papers  that i enjoy pretty well to organize my readings. It is my central repository to organize all my papers.



Many thanks

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In order to get the file path into the clipboard in the first place, the following discussion might be helpful as well:



Edit: Found a relevant Evernote discussion.


Edit 2: I wasn't satisfied with any of the solutions presented. Here's my suggestion (with a little help from [1]):


1. Open AppleScript-Editor

2. Paste the following text in the text window:


set theOutput to ""

tell application "Finder" to set theFiles to get selection as alias list

repeat with oneFile in theFiles

tell application "System Events" to set thisUrl to URL of oneFile

set thisUrl to "file://" & text 17 through -1 of thisUrl

if theOutput is not equal to "" then set theOutput to theOutput & return

set theOutput to theOutput & thisUrl

end repeat

set the clipboard to theOutput


3. Save as "Get File URL", and select type "Program"

4. In Finder, find the just saved "Get File URL" and drag its icon to the Finder window's toolbar

5. Select one or several files in Finder and click the Get File Url toolbar icon

--> The file:// URLs have been copied to the clipboard.


Please let me know if this works.



[1] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9617029/how-to-get-the-a-file-url-in-osx-with-applescript-or-a-shell-script


Edit 3: I actually tested the complete workflow, and the script didn't work. Edited the script above to get rid of two problems: "localhost" and trailing newline characters.

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