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(Archived) cannot save to evernote from iPhone


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When I attempt to save something from iPhone 5 to Evernote I get error that userID and password do not match. I have no problem on PC running Win 7, SP 1. 

I can open EN app on iphone and all appears to sync properly.

Example: I find an article on TUAW.  Click on save to EN and asks for ID and password.  I enter and get error message that the ID and password.  I am entering correctly.

Can anyone help me correct this issue?

Thanks in advance


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Don't want to be overly impatient but until this issue is resolved EN on my iPhone 5 is basically useless. I notice there have been 119 visits and no replies.  Maybe I should post somewhere else.  If so can anyone suggest where I should post?   It needs to be where someone with EN can find and reply to.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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