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(Archived) paste text with link causes link to overwrite text



Sometimes, I want to paste text from the web into a note on Evernote. (I know there are other ways to get text from web into

Evernote but sometimes I'm building a single note out of snippets of text that I'm cutting and pasting for other reasons and

so let's just assume it's important to me to get this particular workflow working...)


But when I copy a chunk of text out of firefox and paste into a note, some of it overwrites itself. Generally, whenever the text

is formatted.. like the sentence, "Bork is known for his work on HBO's *Band of Brothers*" would paste with the phrase

"Band of Brothers" overwriting the phrase "for his work on HBO's" -- it looks like a jumble of random marks because both

phrases are present, one font on top of the other...


..does anyone know what's causing this and/or have a way for me to get this workflow to work?

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