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(Archived) Version 5.2.1 (401587) Crashing on OSX 10.8.4



The new update: Version 5.2.1 (401587) has crashed several times today on Mac OSX 10.8.4. It also runs slowly on my iphone 5. Is there a bug fix in the pipeline. I'm an enthusiastic Evernote user (and advocate) but this is really messing up my day!


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Same here.  Problems include the title line changing as I click on different notes, but the preview pane stays the same. Thus, unable to read my notes.


EN is my lifeblood at work.  Is it possible to roll back to 5.2.0 until a fix is distributed?


System: Mac OS X 10.7.3/ 3.49 GHz Intel Core i7

EN: 5.2.1 (401587)

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I'm also having trouble with this version of EN on OSX 10.8.4. Two days in a row I've lost a days worth of new content in a To Do List note. EN isn't crashing, it's just loosing data. Seems to happen after I edit the same note on my iPad. I too am about ready to look for a more stable alternative.

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I heard back from EN rather quickly, but I do have a paid subscription.   The Beta build has still been stable since my last re-install.  Rebuilding my local version seemed to iron out some intermittent issues. YMMV. To whit:


1.  If you have any Local Only notebooks, switch to List View, then select the notebook name and select all notes (CMD+A or CTRL+A).  If you desire to include tags, select that option in the dialog.  Then export the notes to .enex format.


2.  If you have some unsynchronized notes, go to "All Notes" and, also in List View, sort by the "Sync" column, and export any notes that have a * in that column to .enex format.


3. Quit Evernote from the Elephant in the Menubar.




4. Go to the Library directory, which is a hidden directory. Your database is in this hidden directory.  You can access it by opening the Finder, then selecting "Go" from the top menu and hitting the "Option" key. Once you have done that, you'll see the "Library" folder pop up. Select it.


![Hidden Folder](http://asset1.cbsistatic.com/cnwk.1d/i/tim/2011/07/22/GoMenu_270x448.png)


5. Move your Evernote account folder to an alternate location.  You may have only one account folder, or you may have one in two different locations.  Follow the instructions below to make sure you no longer have either before continuing:


a.   For the first location, go to: ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/Evernote/accounts/ and move the "your username" directory to another place. If you are directed to "merge/replace/keep", choose to "Keep a Copy".


b. For the second location, go to: ~Library/Application Support/Evernote/accounts/Evernote/<your username> and move the "your username" directory to another place. If you are directed to "merge/replace/keep", choose to "Keep a Copy".


6. Once the Evernote account folder no longer exists in either location, try opening Evernote again. All of your notes from the service will now synchronize and create a new local database.


7. If you had Local Only notebooks, or unsynchronized notes, use the "Import Notes…" function under the File menu.


8. Once you have verified that Evernote is once again working properly, you can delete the old database folders.

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