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(Archived) Scansnap - how do I scan to a specified notebook in Evernote


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I just acquired the Scansnap ix500. I love that I can scan directly into Evernote, but the scans will only appear in my default notebook (@inbox). Is there some way to set up in my Scansnap profiles the specific notebook where I want the document to reside, rather than only the default notebook? For instance, I want my household bills and receipts to go to a notebook labelled "receipts and bills - household," and for my business receipts to go directly to "receipts and bills - business." Currently, I have to go into Evernote and then move the items from the inbox to the specified notebook, a step I'd like to avoid.


Thank you. 

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Goto Tools/Import Folders and add your import folder of choice, then you can direct all the notes to whichever notebook you want. If you have this working automatically you want to make sure that the source is deleted. You do that in the same dialog box. Click on 0K, and you are done.

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