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(Archived) Multiple Moleskine notebook tags?


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I just purchased a Moleskine notebook for Evernote.  When I read the product description, it implied that I could customize the smart tags to have multiple tags (up to 6 tags) within Evernote associated with each smart tag.  When I attempted to assign tags to a smart tag, I was only able to assign one tag to each smart tag.   Is there another way to do this or is only one tag allowed?

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Yes me too there are only six smart tags Home, Action, Rejected, Approved Travel and Work each has a Notebook and Tag.  So now I get it you write notes you can then add tags i.e. work Approved and travel (3 sticker X 2) when you scan it will then go to the six place you setup get it now?


Very very confusing the way they wrote it.  Why would I want that note going to 3 notebook and 3 tags. So playing with you could set smart tags to only have 2 notebooks but have 6 tags that make more sense. I would to see more smart tags like Recipes, Meeting, Contacts, Other.  Not all things will fit in HOME AND WORK.

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