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(Archived) Outlook Add-In: Why do I have to re-enable after every reboot?

Arthur Dent

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I apologize up front if this has already been answered (I've searched, but no luck so far)... I'm running Outlook 2010.  I'm able to use the Evernote COM Add-in that lets me do things like create new note off of an Outlook meeting.  However the add-in is disabled by default.  I can re-enable it just fine: Outlook > File > Options > Add-Ins > Manage COM Add-Ins.  But when I reboot, the Evernote add-in reverts to being unchecked and I need to repeat the steps to enable it again.  I suspect this isn't an evernote problem, because this seems to also be happening with my GoToMeeting add-in.  However I wanted to ask it here in case anyone's seen something similar and has any suggestions.


Thanks in advance!



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