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(Archived) Tagging Notes by Typing Tags Changed in Evernote 5


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I use tags a lot.

Alternate Title: Feature Request - Remove Extra Step in Tagging - Put Back to V4 Steps



In V4, I use to:


  • Pop open a note
  • Click in the tags area
  • Start typing my first tag.
  • It would "preview" or show the first best match / suggestion as I'm typing.
  • Press ENTER to accept the suggestion and move on to typing my next tag.


Now I...


  • Pop open a note.
  • Click in the tags area.
  • Start typing my first tag.
  • See the "preview" or suggestion * below * where I'm typing.
  • Have to arrow down to get to that suggestion.
  • Then press ENTER.


It's not much, but, the extra keystroke just breaks one's flow.


Thanks for the consideration.



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Update: I just did a "Send to Evernote" from Outlook.


I use to tag notes in this dialog (Screenshot attached) in the same way.


Bug: As I type, the "suggestion" appears, but, when I press enter, the tag does not show in the dialog, but the cursor moves right like it did.


When I completed the note, the tags that "matched" are there.  And, some new tags that didn't match are created.


That reminds me; I should have added to the above, if you press ENTER without arrowing down to the suggestion, a new tag based on what you partially typed is created - which is an undesirable thing.


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I've created many faulty tags by hitting "Enter" too soon.  (Workflow: eyeroll, retype tag, then hunt down 'new' tag and delete.)


We were on the same page at the same time, LOL.  But, I forgot the "eyeroll" step - which is definitely the step that drove me to post today!   ;)


Good add!

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