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FEATURE REQUEST: Paste to current editting note in Evernote


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Can we have a global keyboard shortcut for "Paste selection to current editing note in Evernote"?


Current user pain point:

  • 'Win + a' pastes selection to a new note
  • Typical workflow:
  1. When doing a research for specific topic, I often pastes selections (using 'Win + a') from multiple sources, e.g., browsers, PDF documents, MS Word.
  2. Select all the new notes created by 'Win + a', use merge functionality to merge.
  3. The note after merged contains disturbing formats for title and source. Adjust font size and format for the merged note.

This workflow is of course, not ideal. There is another more tedious workflow: 

while not is_research_finished:

    copy to clipboard

    switch and paste to evernote

    go back to source


There is one similar request to this issue:




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