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(Archived) Version 5 Beta Crashes


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Beta verson has crashed randomly during use, but can be restarted and seems to work fine.


The only two times I selected multiple notes to move to a different notebook, the Windows (7) app crashed, but restarted without incident when I clicked the icon in my taskbar.

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Well, it is crashing nonstop for me, and it appears that any changes I make in my notebooks are not syncing either.


Business Notebooks, INCOMING Changes - Work fine

Business Notebooks, OUTGOING Changes - FAIL


Personal Notebooks, INCOMING Changes - Work fine

Personal Notebooks, OUTGOING Changes - FAIL



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I don't use Business, just Premium. Synch both ways seems to work, but the app just winks out. Oddly enough, my last changes still appear on restart. Hope this helps the techs...I'm just a user of the app. This is Beta, and we were warned...I have confidence in this bunch. :)


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