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  1. Well, it is crashing nonstop for me, and it appears that any changes I make in my notebooks are not syncing either. Business Notebooks, INCOMING Changes - Work fine Business Notebooks, OUTGOING Changes - FAIL Personal Notebooks, INCOMING Changes - Work fine Personal Notebooks, OUTGOING Changes - FAIL
  2. I'm loathe to start a thread entitled "sync problems" when I know that is 95% of what EN has been working on the last month regarding EN for Business, but I thought I would check to see what issues other people are having currently. I am using Evernote for Windows RC on a Windows 7 PC. I moved a bunch of notes from personal folders into business folders, and then discovered that they werent syncing. Reading the forums, I saw that "copying" is currently preferred over actually moving notes, so I did that and it worked. But now it seems like a bunch of notes that I've created new or otherwise copied still aren't syncing. WTF? Before someone asks, I'll tell you all that I am not dealing with more than 600 or so notes TOTAL over bother personal and business. I have about 440 notes in personal (which are all working fine) and about 160 in the business side, which is where the problems are. Thoughts anyone?
  3. Thank you both. btobin answered the question I was trying to articulate. As an example, I have a personal Evernote Premium account, am establishing an Evernote for Business account for my company, of which I am sole owner and de facto IT administrator, and wondered what to do with my own personal account, as well as what to tell my employees about their own personal accounts. Thanks!
  4. Can anyone tell me definitively what a user should do with his/her individual Premium account once the company has joined Evernote for Business? Once I've paid for the Business-level account for each user, I would think that each employee could terminate his/her individual-level Premium account and just take advantage of the offline-storage and size quotas that Business provides. Can't get anyone at Evernote to respond to this, though.
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