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New way to create map by inputing address to Evernote--will be your to-go list


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Do you know there's a new way to create maps from your Evernote specific notebooks/shared notebooks by inputing address, and they will show on your iPhone?

This is the function offered by a new Evernote 3rd-party APP, GoLater.  

It makes your collection of the clipped web articles or notes of the places or travel tips

transformed into various countries' maps.  You can just open the map, focus to the district you would like to visit, and 

you will find all of your collection notes  as well as the location on map on your iPhone.  


It will be very convenient for planning a party or date, business trip, weekend trip, a trip abroad, or

even the spontaneous dining by just clipped web pages and go. 


GoLater also offers the trip plan that you can just gather the notes you want to visit in this trip, then easily view the list and get direction to reach the stops. 


In this way, you will have the to-go map totally matching to your own flavor, and each note will have its routing direction either by driving or walking.

Welcome to have a look of GoLater How-to

For more information, welcome to visit GoLater Website  |  Facebook  |  Blog

Free to Download on APP Store.



Thank you for your reading and welcome to give us your comments on how you feel about the iOS APP. 

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What's New in GoLater Version 1.0.2

1. My Map can be viewed by notebooks. Users can categorize their notes by notebook names, and view only the specified notes in category on My Map by switching among notebooks.

2. If the belong notebook of a note is changed on Evernote, users can synchronize the change to GoLater by selecting the notebook of the note's new belong notebook on GoLater "Notes", and browsing through the changed note.


More How-to, welcome to see GoLater How-to   http://golater.tumblr.com/tagged/howto

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GoLater has gone to v1.0.5, and v1.0.6 is under approval process in APPLE.  What are special features on GoLater:

1. You can only select those notebooks that relate to location to sync with GoLater, not sync all the notebooks in your Evernote

2. Simple geo tag of g:/address or general known place name or city  , workable around the world

3. Maps by countries, maps by a single notebook, and map by trip (map by trip will be available on v1.0.6) 

4. Get navigation route for each note to reach the destination

4. Selectively adding notes you like into your GoLater maps from your friends' shared notebooks

We have more features of GoLater under development and are keeping going... 

Stay tune....

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GoLater v1.0.7 was just released on APP Store today.

Google Maps add-on is available now!

You will get more features,  public transit and street view, etc. in addition to general navigation modes from Google Maps add-on.

Welcome to have a look of the video: http://youtu.be/5ytuHAWWHoU


To celebrate the launch of the In-app purchases,


GoLater add-on Google Maps is free from now to this Sunday (Nov. 17).

Welcome to download/upgrade GoLater, and check out the Google Maps add-on ALL FREE within the limited time!
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GoLater 1.0.9 is available on APP Store.

Add input note from iPhone in addition to from Evernote client or web clipper on PC or Mac.  

GoLater will monitor the "url copy" action in the background on iPhone APPs, ex. Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Weibo...


The url will be saved into the Evernote notebook that your GoLater Notes are currently opening.   

If you don't want the url note in this notebook, it is easy for you to just delete it or move it to another notebook from the GoLater interface.

For each url note, you can add geo tag from GoLater.  

If it is just a web page you would like to read later, it is ok that you don't add any geo tag on it.

Under the read later purpose, you may add another Evernote notebook that specially for read later and you can delete the note whenever you finish reading. 

Since GoLater does not sync all the notebooks of Evernote, so the performance is good.

Welcome to upgrade and download! 


A Simple Way to Make Geo Bookmark on iPhone


For next version: We are working on better interface of GoLater Notes, to make the note thumbnails smaller, showing more items in note list.

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GoLater 1.0.11 is available today.  

From this version, you can share a note with map location to friends or customers by Messages, WhatsApp, LINE...,etc.


New features:

1. Able to share single note with map location to your friends through Messages/WhatsApp/LINE 

    Your friends can Just tap on the GoLater link, and save, then the data including map will be saved into their GoLater.
2. Optimize the loading speed of the moving to select notebook. 
3. Fix the bug of cache issue occurred when moving note.


Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/GoLaterAPP

Twitter        https://twitter.com/GoLaterApp

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