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(Archived) Can I put a note link in a folder in Finder?



I just recently realized that note links (I feature that I was really longing for when I started using Evernote way back when) was introduced several years ago without my noticing  <_<. So now I'm finally coming to grips with it. 


The first obstacle I've run into is that I can't find a way to put an Evernote note link into a folder in Finder. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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Hi Notaker,


Not sure what you mean by your question. Would it be similar to saving a .webloc file in a Finder folder (Chrome doesn't use these.. but in Safari you can drag the favicon from the browser down into the desktop and you'll have a .webloc file.


Something similar?


Not sure how it would work.. as the url is really just a location address not a file. Some apps will open application links if pasted into a note/file (I use Multimarkdown Editor - pasting Evernote note links into a note created there lets me click on them and have me zapped into the actual note in Evernote.. the same way a url jumps you into a browser and the relevant page).

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Thanks for your reply, lucianofuentes!


And yes, something like a .webloc is exactly what I mean. I was hoping for a link that could be clicked directly from the Finder. What you describe with Multimarkdown Editor is not quite that – if I understand you correctly you're saying I can create a note that I will have to open to click the link(s) contained in it? (Or maybe I could do it from Quick Look?)

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Wow! Thanks for your contribution "Adjusting".


I'm actually in the middle of diving right into Automator/Scripting but the thought of using a method like that had never occurred to me.


I usually have an editor open throughout the day, so I'm used to working with links pasted in my notes (my current favourite is Taskpaper.. which also opens note links just fine) - though I do appreciate the link to the post. I've often noticed that when working with Applescript, it's not the technical implementation/code that I struggle with.. it's the "mindset" of knowing how to approach a problem. This is such a case.


Anyway.. thanks again. Great link!

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