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(Archived) Card View's image size

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"Card view", present in several platforms (at least iPhone, iPad, and Mac version) show image if a note has at least 1 image. My question is:


1. How does Evernote determine which image to show on card view if there is more than 1 image present in the note?


2. How does Evernote determine what part of an image to show and how large it should be displayed? For example, I have several notes of people's face as (kind of) business cards. All the images are scaled to 240x240 and they are in JPG format. On the blown-up view of the card (for Mac, it would be right side of the screen), all pictures are shown properly in 240x240 image. On the "summary" view, some cards show portion of the image, some cards show minimized version of the image. (please see the two attachments. Both jpgs are of 240x240 size and were made by dragging jpg files into the Mac version of the application) On the first attachment, the image shows a small thumbnail, whereas an image on the second card (of the same size) shows a blown-up version of it.



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OK. I found answer for the second question myself after posting it. Apparently Evernote was not only looking at resolution of the picture but also dpi. So the big picture on the left was made with lower dpi (72 dpi) and the smaller picture was made with higher dpi (200 dpi or so). Using app (I used preview.app on Mac) to reset dpi solved my problem.


However, I am still stuck with #1. When a note has multiple pictures, which one is shown on the card view?

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I came across an old article which may help answer your question.


The article read:


For example, if you have 3 images with the following dimensions:


The "smallest" dimensions are 75, 100, and 200, respectively. We're going to use the image with the largest of those "smallest" dimensions (i.e., 200).

There are probably better ways to describe that algorithm, but that's how we've been describing it internally. 


Hope this helps.

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