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(Archived) Emailing to @notebook_name

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Is there any way to email a note to a notebook that has the @ symbol as the first character in the name?


Works okay with @tags using #@tag in the email subject line. But @@notebook_name places the note in the default inbox


Alternatively - what other (top-sorting) symbols might work to keep chosen notebooks at the top of the listing and allow emailed notes  to be placed directly into that notebook?



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May be an obvious question, but is your notebook called something with an underline in it (as in @current_dates) or do you have spaces in there?  AFAIK the first "@" should flag up a notebook,  with everything else after that up to the next space taken as the actual name,  which has to pre-exist for data to get in there.


It may be that  an overabundance of "@"s has confused the issue - try any other non-letter character (like !) to check.

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