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(Archived) Improving Tags

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It seems like Evernote miss a way to drilldown content linked to several tags.


For example, if I find a video on youtube about making sushi I would tag that clip as "Food", "Sushi", "Video". However, I have lots of other content saved that are tagged with either "Food", "Sushi" or "Video". But only maybe one or two tagged with all three. I'm asking for way to be able to first click "Food" and then see all the diffrent tags associated with that tag and then select another tag, drilling further down in my selection until i find the content i want.


Maybe I just remember that i found a video about sushi but I don't remember much more. Instead of searching through all my other content within either Sushi or Video I could just click down the tags and easily find it.



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You can do a search in Evernote for multiple tags.


tag:Food tag:Sushi tag:Video


The drawback is that the naming of the tags has to be 100% correct


You can also use the "add search option" when you do a search and then you can choose the tags = the naming issue above is solved


You can also under tags choose one or more tags to narrow your search

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