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(Archived) PREMIUM: Issues

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My username is EthanNixon.

I demand a refund because the web application says I can't upload a .ppt file, it's not supported. You list your premium service as being able to support any file type. Powerpoint is a common file type.

For whatever reason it took me 10 tries, but finally reads .ppt, still doesn't explain the ads.

I am also getting EyeFi ads. If I wanted ads to show up, I would keep the free edition.

Also, you either need to update your iPhone app or add the support to view the files you allow to by synced. I was under the impression I would be able to view them on my iPhone as well, that isn't the case. So far I wasted my money and I could have went with a different free application that supports more file types than your free version.

Overall, if you own an iPhone you won't get any advantage to this Premium service. Just download a different app that supports more files.

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We'd be happy to process a refund for anyone who is not fully satisfied. Please use the support page to request this directly so that we can confirm your identity:

http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/ (or use the menu option in the clients, or the link on the web UI).

Just to clarify your problem: Premium users can upload any PowerPoint file under 25MB into their account, using the desktop client or the web interface. I just tested this on my system (Firefox + Vista) and it worked without any errors.

If this failed for you, could you give us the error message or a screen shot?

If you had a problem right after you tried to upgrade to Premium, there's a chance that the purchase hadn't completed yet (we hadn't received the notification from Google/PayPal), so the system was still treating you as a Free user. The purchase notification can occasionally take a few minutes if the payment processor is running slow.

You should only see the message about the Eye-Fi offer once. If you're still seeing it after logging out and logging back in again, that would be a bug. Have you seen it again since successfully upgrading to Premium?

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Ok, let us know if you have any issues getting a refund. (We've always granted every refund request, no questions asked.)

The iPhone app should allow you to view documents that are supported by your phone ... I confirmed yesterday that you can open and read a .doc file from the iPhone. The current release does not properly cache these File Attachments for offline viewing by Favorites, however. This will be fixed in the next iPhone release. Unfortunately, the File Attachment feature was released since the last iPhone release, so they're a bit out of sync.


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